20′s Style For Men

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The Fashion Barons of the 1920s

The 1920s men’s fashion brought about many changes in the outlook of men of that era. They had already witnessed major socio-economic changes which were initiated after the end of the war. Now was the right time to make some changes to their personal attributes as well.

prohibition 20s hats

Trace the changes

was accepted with much pleasure and comfort by the men as they could now shun their overtly complicated attires for the comfortable substitutes of the same. Many adored and welcomed the three-piece suits pertaining to the 1920s men’s fashion and wore them quite frequently for various occasions.

The roaring 20s fashion for men also gave way to trousers which were narrow and straight as opposed to their uncomfortable ancestors which had snobbish and ostentatious. They also began to wear cuffed trousers which were quite shorter than the previous counterparts.

Distinctive changes were also visible in coats and jackets owing to the roaring 20s fashion for men. These outfits were highly influenced by the garments worn by the military force of the States, and naturally looked smarter than the long tail-coats and heavy pattered jackets which were worn before. The short suit-jackets replaced the long ones, and they proved to the best for morning wear.

The old headgears were replaced by the more stylish top hats, fedoras and bowler hats, thanks to the roaring 20s fashion for men. The elites of that era usually preferred the top hats, which were made of expensive fabrics while the working class was content to sport the bowler hats and fedoras.

When it came to attires meant for occasions, the long tail coats were replaced by smart tuxedoes and bow ties. The tuxedoes were usually black in color and were crafted in a very fine manner, with numerous additions of silk and ribbons stitched to the hems of the coats and cuffs.

mens 1920s fashionThe comfort factor

Men could now wear clothes which were more comfortable and presentable at the same time. The 1920s introduced garments like sweaters and knickers which were accepted by men with a sense of relief and joy. The knickers were basically knee length trousers which were the best outfits to be worn during the day and also for outdoor events and sports.

The shirts became more stylish and less irksome when the rigid detachable collars were replaced by the comfortable and light ones, which were already attached to the shirts. Men could now sport classy garments without the slightest hint of discomfort.


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